No problem. You’ll see exactly how to start your group, from setting it up. To naming it and filling it with members.

You will need to create a Facebook profile if you don’t already have one. But doing so is easy. All you need is an email address to sign up.

Not a problem. That’s exactly how I was. But here’s the thing, people don’t care. As soon as you invite them into your group and start posting content they can connect with, they’ll think that’s the way you’ve always been.

Not a problem. Invite your current friends to the group, then spend a few minutes a day searching people you know and past clients on Facebook. 1) Send them a Friend Request. 2) Invite them to the group.  KEEP DOING THIS to grow your group!

It takes less than 20 minutes a week  to schedule your posts for the week or month. However, you want to do it. And then any time you spend commenting and making replies is totally up to you. But I encourage you to keep the conversations moving.

Yes. Facebook encourages Groups.  When you post to the group, all members see your content, as it's posted. So you stay TOP of MIND with your sphere on a daily basis. No other tool is this effective.  When your members run into someone looking to move, they have no choice but to think of you!

No. Facebook ads, like boosted posts, cost money. And they are expensive. But groups are free to start on Facebook. The only expense is buying your time back by getting your group’s proven, content from SOCIAL ORCHARD.

Facebook lets you schedule posts weeks in advance! So most of our members take 20-30 minutes a week to post all the content for the week or 2.  Facebook has a post scheduler that is really easy to use.

20 posts allows you to generate momentum within your group: 1 a day during the week. Any less and you risk not staying relevant. You can actually schedule the whole month at once if you want!

Sure, just make sure you don’t overdo it. Only you will be able to tell when your group has become saturated with your own posts. You want to post consistently, and yet also allow room for others to comment, reply and share their posts freely.

Great. We encourage teams to share a branded Facebook group. The more group members you have, the more opportunities you have for new business.

Yes, we have special pricing for loan officers. You can share this content with the real estate agents you serve.

Yes. There is, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you give SOCIAL ORCHARD  chance… And you post ALL 20 posts on the days and times I say…And you don’t see a significant increase in engagement compared to your Business Page or personal posts…

Then I’ll refund all your money. Simply email me at SUPPORT@SOCIALORCHARD.COM Just send me screenshots of your Facebook Group’s posts, likes, and engagement. And if you think it’s too low, I’ll refund 100% of your first month’s payment.

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